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Welcome to the AGA Cookware Store, cookware for all kinds of cooks and all kinds of cookers.  Our collection offers cookware for use with gas, ceramic, induction and halogen cooktops, and of course, all Aga cookers.  Whichever items suit your needs, you'll find the Aga Cookware Collection is as functional as it is stylish, with a quality that ensures lasting performance and meticulous attention to detail.

We offer original AGA products for the kitchen:

Eurostoves' flagship European product line is the venerable Aga range. Famous for its unique cooking process, Aga has transformed cooking and lives all over the world.

Alongside Aga, Eurostoves is also very proud to carry BlueStar, America's finest residential range. Unparalleled in quality or performance, BlueStar appliances make most other brand name ranges pale in comparison.

As more and more homes invest the time into preparing their own meals, having both the know-how and the right tools is becoming increasingly important. At Eurostoves, the passionate cook will find everything they need...from live AGA demonstrations to expert pastry making, from cookbooks to corkscrews...we have it, and so can you!

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Cast Iron

Nothing cooks like cast iron.  It is a classic cooking material used in kitchens around over.  Chefs love it because it captures and retains heat efficiently.  It gives an even heat distribution, has superior heat retention and it is superb for all manners of cooking, from slow simmering to quick frying.  The attractive finish means it's suitable for oven to table serving and it is durable and easy to clean.  Aga cast iron cookware can be used in ovens as well as on hotplates and cooktops.  The durable interiors of these designs develop a non-stick, easy clean patina as you use them.  Before using Aga cast iron cookware, wipe the interior surface with cooking oil, heat gently and wipe the surface down.  Repeat the process and your pan will be seasoned and the patina will be formed.  Available in a range of colors, including those to match the Aga, this is cookware for life.


The Aga Cookware collection offers kettles in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes, suitable for all heat sources, except induction.  They're designed for maximum performance with a thick solid base which speeds boiling times.  It's best to put your kettle on a trivet after boiling rather than keeping it on the Aga; that way you won't "stew" the water or scratch the enamel surface.  Aga kettle trivets have rubber feet to keep your work surface or table scratch-free.


The Aga saga continues, this time with a Sunday lunch story. That enduring and very British kitchen icon the Aga cooker has inspired this enduring teapot. Attractive, collectible kitchen ornaments available in cream, blue, green and claret.  Models vary since these are limited editions.  Call for available models and colors 877-232-0007

Cleaning Products

Specially developed to clean warm surfaces without smearing, Aga chrome and steel cleaner is a wonderful product specially for your Aga.  Don't forget the Enamel Rubber! Removes scuff marks on enamela nd ceramic surfaces without scratching.  You can use it with water for improved effect.  There is also an Enamel Cleaner, wire brush, E-cloth, and Hotplate Brush to keep your Aga looking brand new.


  Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cookware is hard-wearing, good looking and perfect for the busy kitchen.  The unique profile bases of these pans optimize heat transfer.  All Aga stainless steel pans can be stacked, maximizing oven and storage space.  All lids have stacking rings to help protect polished surfaces while pans have internal capacities detailed in pints and litres.  All our stainless steel cookware is dishwasher safe.

Trust Aga to take care of every detail, with a characteristic eye for quality... these top-grade 100% cotton accessories come in the classic Aga colors and include Aga gauntlets and gloves with an internal barrier against steam and grease.  This innovative design incorporates 100% cotton fabric for maximum insulation and pliability.

High-quality bakeware is an Aga essential, but these brilliant designs are just as useful for conventional cookers too.  This range gives a 10% savings in energy by shortening cooking times and ensures even and dependable browning with no burning.

Bake-O-Glide - an Aga essential

Reusuable non-stick cooking and baking sheets for lining tins that save time and effort spent on washing.  It is dishwasher and freezer-proof and suitable for all cookers, including microwaves.  Available in 4 packs.

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